The Free Men

While most of Lainairl's sentient population reside with the Sodari Alliance, not all appreciate the High Council's rule of law. The Free Men are a network of independent tribes that deny the Sodari Alliance's authority, choosing to be nomads instead. These clans cause much trouble for the Alliance, as Council shipments are regularly targeted by Free Men ambushes, travelers that brave their lands are often shaken down for coin or goods. 

Until recently, the Free Men were a loosely associated group of independent tribes. 15 years ago, however, an Orcish Free Man named Alrgus Realmsblood slew the reigning Warchief of the largest of the tribes, declaring that the age of fractured Free Men was over. Under Algrus, the Free Men have united under one banner, becoming a progressively more organized and fearsome force. 

Recently, rumours are abound the Algrus is gathering the Free Men in the Steel Prairies. 
For what? Nobody knows for sure.

The Free Men despise everything about the Council and the Alliance, and often Wardens will find themselves pitted against the Free Men due to their insistence upon violently disrupting the functions of the Alliance. Living in weathered structures in the few regions where they have them, the Free Men otherwise live in nomadic camps, keeping only enough gear with them so as to fit onto a horse or load into a cart. 

Though Alrgrus has united the Free Men, the previous hordes still remain in their ancestral grounds. The hordes identify themselves based on the regions through which they roam, Northern, Western, Southern & Eastern.

The Free Men

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