Juria, in the old tongue, means “Ashbringer”, the city was named after the ancient word for the Tarrasque that awoke almost half a millennia ago, that forced the Alliance to form, because the Bastion of Juria is built into the enormous cavern that was previously the nest of the Tarrasque – nestled in a cavern amid the harrowing desert of the Skyfall desert. The city is famous as a destination for sellswords and mercenaries. Several years ago a group of Wardens, led by a defecter to the Free Men, Marcus Atherton, attempted an uprising against the Jurian government with a force of sell swords. 

Juria is built around the Sun Palace, an enormous estate of towering spires in which both the Jurian Allied Forces, Jurian Parliament and the famous Eclipse Arena, the single most famous environment for gladatorial combat within The Alliance. Juria's Allied Forces serve both as the protective source for the Bastion itself, as well as a supplementary force, in addition to the Wardens operating out of the city, to protect the independent oasis settlements in the lands surrounding it.

The city itself  is a popular destination amongst travelers and adventurers of all kinds, The Cloister of the Astral Lords, a set of mystics trading in ancient artifacts will pay a high price for any significant salvages amongst the many Eladrin ruins of the desert. The ancient civilization has few remnants across the world, and their ancient prowess for arcane and divine artificing is a secret still coveted by many organizations and powerful individuals alike. 

Mercenaries and scouts, therefore, are very common Juria, selling their services to glory-hungry adventurers and collectors, venturing out into the sandwurm infested dunes in the hopes of a great discovery. More return empty handed or dead than return with glory, and yet expeditions leave the city on a daily basis, putting their lives in the hands of the desert's whims.

Juria's current Justiciar is Sultan Pali Talakatar, an experienced Rider and Skirmisher who distinguished himself as a sellsword amongst the private milita of one of the Jurian Spice Lords, before being enlisted by the Alliance for wartime service as a tactician and then assigned the position of Justiciar. 


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