Citadel Agrimmar

The largest of the 10 Bastions, Citadel Agrimmar is nestled into the Western face of the Agrimmar mountain range to the west of the Narukthol Spires. Previously a Dwarven fortress in the days before the Alliance, the city has been expanded by several orders of magnitude. The city's prominent features include their bustling Temple District, home to several high temples of major deities, including the Temples of Moradin, Bahamut, Melora, Fharlanghn, Corellon Larethian & Pelor, the Justiciar's Parliament & The Warden's Hold.

Citadel Agrimmar stands as the Alliance's beacon of success, an extensive network of Guilds and Unions sponsored primarily by noble donors and donations from the temples ensure the city's citizens have ample work and opportunity for training. Families within the guilds are tithed to the guild, and have their descendants' education paid for in exchange for a minimum 2 years of service within the guild's ranks. The guilds themselves are scattered across the city, multiple establishments existing in each district. 

The districts themselves divide the raised city into tiers. The first district, the Militant District, belongs primarily to the Allied Forces, Wardens and a few select mercenary organizations that man the walls that face outwards into the dangerous hillscapes of Lainairl. The Militant District is the smallest of the districts, containing mostly barracks and armories for guards and outriders beyond the wall. The Smith's Guild, patroned by the Temple of Moradin, holds their Central Forge in the southwestern corner of the Militant District, and many leatherworkers and tanners set up shop within vicinity of the All-Father's Forge. 

Raised above the Militant district, behind a secondary tier of stone walls, the Merchant's District doubles as the hub of independent economic activity within the city as well as the primary locale of housing for the city's inhabitants. Most of the guilds have Quarters for their members either in this district or in the adjoining Temple District, using the interconnected hallways of the repurposed Dwarven barracks, long moved by the Alliance into the many structures of the Militant District, to house their many craftsmen, artisans and workers.  Within this district is also the enormous Agrimmar Tower of Commerce, an enormous spire with ringed levels containing mercantile stands and stalls hawking every trinket or material imaginable. Mostly older buildings, the Merchant's District is mostly buildings from before the Alliance expanded Citadel Agrimmar, and repairs, refurbishments and maintenance on the older works of architecture are not uncommon to see when wandering the streets.

The Temple District is offset from the other tiered districts, set to the South western edge of the city and wraps itself around the Noble District in the centre of the city. The Temple District serves as more than just a place of congregation for the faithful – most of the guilds' hold their Guild Halls in this district, and the combined presence of both the guild halls and the temples mean the Temple District is the site of the larger economic transactions within the Citadel, and beasts hauling enormous sleds of supplies are a regular sight along the worked stone pathways of the Temple District.

Finally: The Noble District, which is home to the wealthiest families, guild leaders, politicians and ambassadors within the walls of Citadel Agrimmar – built around a set of perpetual canals, the Noble District is the place to be in the Citadel. Situated in the centre of the District stands the Justiciar's Parliament, an imposing white stone castle built into the central well about the middle of the canals. All of the governmental and legislative procedures happen within the walls of this imposing structure. Also in the Noble's Districts stands the long hall of the Warden's Hold, which descends many layers into the earth below it. Apart from the Legislature and the Hold, the rest of the noble district is filled mostly with wealthy estates, high-end shops and the Skyship Dock on the western tip of the district. 

Also located in the Noble District's vibrant streets is the famous Great Library of Agrimmar, an enormous collection of worldy knowledge collected by the arcanists of the Order of the Weave. The enormous building dwarfs all the auxilliary estates around it, and the automated Librarians, known as Archivists, ensure that visitors can locate subject material of relevance amongst the millions of tomes contained within its intricately carved walls.

Citadel Agrimmar

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