Welcome to Lainarl, a world of constant danger, where the civilized races of the world isolate themselves from the vicious wilds and deadly threats of the outside world, living out their lives in enormous fortified metropolises across the world known as Bastions. Monstrous races and humanoids mingle and cohabitate in these pinnacles of metahuman civilization.

To most people, traveling between Bastions is an incredibly complex affair, requiring planning and preparation for the many dangers beyond the walls, or else they must purchase passage with a Skyship rather than endager themselves on the ground. The lands of Lainarl are filled with flora and fauna alike that preys on men.

And while most folk avoid the lurking dangers of Lainarl's unconquered landscape, the United Emperium, the central government between the Bastions, employs an elite fighting force to patrol the wilderness and lead excursions into the wicked, dark climes beyond the walls of the Bastions. This force are the Horizon Wardens – referred to as 'Wardens' by the common folk. Wardens undergo years of training before they are welcomed into the fold by passing an incredibly dangerous initiation rite known as The Forging.

You are such Wardens – recruits from myriad walks of life. You have almost completed your journey to the esteemed rank of Warden Delta. Your years of training have all led to your Forging, which is set to take place in a month's time at the Bastion of Citadel Ammaris. 
Many dangers lie ahead, recruits, and you must be strong if you are to join the ranks of the Wardens and become protectors of humanity. The wilds call, Warden. 


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